LACE Welcomes Back Erica Batton!

We promised an announcement and we have one!! We are excited to welcome Erica Batton back to the MHK! Erica has been an amazing addition to both of our previous shows. She even designed Lacey our hero mascot!

Erica Batton is an illustrator, writer, and lover of all things absurd. She’s been drawing since she could pick up a pencil and her love for making others laugh dates back to that one time in first grade when she almost got kicked off the bus for repeating a joke she overheard her dad telling his construction worker buddies.

Erica has since then matured and refined her skills. She also realized her dad tells some really terrible jokes. Armed with a decade’s worth of art education under her belt, Erica now writes and draws pictures to amuse herself for a living.

In her spare time, she draws and paints for fun. The rest of her time is eaten up reading comic books and researching questionable things on The Google.

She resides in the Kansas City area with her roommate and two cats: Cobra and Grimlock (yes, like the Dinobot).


LACE is excited to welcome artist Ed Bickford!!
Ed ( is a comic book artist and illustrator that lives in the Kansas City, MO area. He is currently working on two comics:
The Birdlander ( started out as an online comic, but is now published by Rats and Crows Publishing.
The Troubleshooters is published in the ongoing British anthology Comichaus.
Both are available for purchase online or at comic cons. Ed will have comics and mini prints of his ninja scouts at LACE.
When Ed isn’t making comics, he is hanging out with his family playing Minecraft or stealing cars in GTA.