LACE is excited to welcome artist Ed Bickford!!
Ed ( is a comic book artist and illustrator that lives in the Kansas City, MO area. He is currently working on two comics:
The Birdlander ( started out as an online comic, but is now published by Rats and Crows Publishing.
The Troubleshooters is published in the ongoing British anthology Comichaus.
Both are available for purchase online or at comic cons. Ed will have comics and mini prints of his ninja scouts at LACE.
When Ed isn’t making comics, he is hanging out with his family playing Minecraft or stealing cars in GTA.

LACE Con-tip 1 – Parking

We will be rolling out Con-tips to help you prep for LACE 2017!

Parking is always a concern when getting ready for a convention.
KSU has many parking options. During the weekend and evenings parking is FREE in all flat lots (EXCLUDING the parking garage). The parking garage is $1.50 an hour up to a maximum of $12/day. You can get a day pass for $5 through KSU parking services in the link below. Students who have a parking permit for the parking garage are still free to use it. Parking lots are marked on this map. The Union is marked with a star and arrow. There are also off campus parking options near by. 


LACE Welcomes Outland Entertainment!

LACE Welcomes Outland Entertainment!

Outland Entertainment is a publisher, producer, and purveyor of fine artwork and fiction. We offer creative services and art direction for a variety of projects. We also publish online stories, webcomics, and games. Our client list includes the Richard Lewis Media Group, Foulplay Inc., Inhabit Media, Tekyz, Terrific1, and more.

You can find all the information about our in-house projects, our project management, and art direction at