LACE Welcomes Author Jonathan Ondrashek!!

LACE is excited to welcome author Jonathan Ondrashek to our amazing list of vendors.

Jonathan Edward Ondrashek – Author is an Operations supervisor by day and moonlights as a tormented writer. In the past decade, he has had over 15 poems and a handful of nonfiction pieces published, and he penned the poetry for a 2012 apocalyptic calendar. His short stories have appeared in Fifty Shades of Slay (Alucard Press) and Rejected for Content 4: Highway to Hell (JEA Wetworks), and several more are slated for publication in anthologies soon. The first book in the Human-Undead War series, Dark Intentions, debuted in April 2016, and the second, Patriarch, drops in November 2016 . He’s also co-edited two anthologies: What Goes Around (Knightwatch Press) and Man Behind the Mask (October 2016, Darkerwood Publishing).

If Jonathan isn’t working, reading, or writing, he’s probably wrestling around with his son or making his wife regret marrying a lunatic. He also has a green thumb even though he despises sunlight.

You can check him out at


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