LACE Welcomes Chelsey Curently Cosplay!

We are excited to announce on her birthday Chelsey Curently Cosplay as our next guest for LACE 2017. She is MHK’s official Harley Quinn!! Happy Birthday Puddin’!

It is spelled Chelsey with a “Y” and Curently with one “R”. So “Y R” you cosplaying?

It all started back at Little Apple Comic Con 2016 as Suicide Squad Harley Quinn and ever since then she has been working on perfecting every detail of the character. She is known for her Suicide Squad Harley Quinn and sports the pink and blue hair even in her everyday life. Chelsey has been working on all the Suicide Squad versions of Harley and even has her own versions and mashups. Beyond Harley, she has done Disney, movie and, anime characters and plans to do more broad range characters like video games. This year’s LACE will mark one year in the cosplay world and she plans to keep doing cosplay for years to come.


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