Goblin Games’ Gaming Room Schedule Announced!!

LACE Is excited to welcome Goblin Games as one of our sponsors as well as the brains behind our awesome gaming room. You can find all gaming in the Flint Hills Room on the 2nd floor of the KSU Student Union.

Goblin Game’s Gaming Schedule 

Magic Drafts $10 Entry fee
Sign up anytime during the con and play some magic. On demand. Starts when 8 are signed up.

FREE Demo sessions all day
No sign ups necessary. Just show up, learn and Play!

11am Catan

12pm King of Tokyo

1pm Marvel Legendary

2pm Tak

3pm Pathfinder RPG:  We be Goblins

4pm Dc Deck Builder

We will also have our demo library you can play anytime including all the games we are running demos for plus, Munchkin, Cards Against Humanity,Ticket to Ride, Boss Monster, Dominion, and many more!



LACE Welcomes Sian Greenwood Scentsy Consultant!

LACE is excited to welcome vendor Sian’s Scentsy Independent Scentsy Consultant to our show!

Sian has been selling Scentsy for a few months and loves every bit of it. Have questions or want to pick up some amazing scents or warmers just let her know! She will have a big inventory at the show but can also order anything out of the catalog. Visit her page and give her a like.

If you’re looking for something for the show comment below and she’ll make sure to have it there!


LACE Welcomes Author Susanne Lambdin!

LACE is excited to bring back author Susanne Lambdin of the Dead Hearts Novels to the MHK!
Susanne L. Lambdin is the author of the Dead Hearts series. This ZomPoc series takes a twist with a mutating virus that creates a bloody good adventure, with teens fighting for their lives in Colorado.
A Trekkie at heart, she received a “based in part” screen credit for writing a portion of Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 4, Episode 76, titled Family. She is passionate about all things science fiction, horror, and high fantasy, and is an expert on the subject of zombies. She is affectionately known by many of her fans as ‘The Zombie Lady.’
When she is not attending fan conventions throughout the U.S., Susanne is either writing a new novel or can be found cuddling with her dogs and a scary movie.
She lives in Kansas with her family. To contact Susanne and to learn more about her current and upcoming projects, visit http://www.SusanneLambdin.com.

LACE is Excited to Welcome Joshua Dysart!

Bringing a bit of West Coast cool to the MHK! LACE could not be happier to announce our next guest… award-winning comic book writer, Joshua Dysart.

Since his breakthrough comic book “Violent Messiahs” in 2000, New York Times bestselling author Joshua Dysart has contributed to some of the most high-profile graphic novel projects of the past decade, including “Hellboy”, “Swamp Thing” and “Neil Young’s Greendale”. Most notably, from 2008 to 2010 Dysart authored a two-year run on Vertigo’s comic “Unknown Soldier.” Dysart spent a month in Acholiland, Uganda during the LRA/UPDF ceasefire of 2007 researching the work. “Unknown Soldier” garnered two Eisner Award nominations, for Best New Series and Best Single Issue, as well as international critical acclaim. Since 2012 he has been one of the key creators in the relaunch of Valiant comics, using his series “Harbinger” and “Imperium” to help architect the larger Valiant universe. In December 2014 he went to Iraqi Kurdistan to interview refugees fleeing ISIS, and in January of 2016 Huffington Post World hosted the graphic novella that came from that research, “Living Level-3: Iraq”, which is free to download on Comixology. In May of 2016, he spent ten days in Aweil, South Sudan investigating the mass migration of human beings fleeing food insecurity in the region. This research will form the basis of the upcoming, “Living Level-3: South Sudan”.