LACE is excited to welcome the awesome DoodleSpork Cosplay and Elite Supergirl. These two ladies will be taking donations for Eden’s Supergirl Swag Rags. More details to come!!

Jessica, aka Elite Supergirl, and Sloane, of DoodleSpork Cosplay, started cosplaying at different points in their life- but each has been cosplaying individually for over 8 years. Both Jessica and Sloane focus on using their cosplay to give back to their community through the many charities they support. 

Jessica, a personal trainer by day, has dedicated herself to volunteering with many great organizations, namely Children’s Mercy Hospital. She is best known for her Supergirl costume, but more recently has branched out into portraying some of her favorite characters from other genres.

Sloane is a high school student that uses cosplay as a creative outlet and way to meet new people. She has been engaged in charitable work from a very young age, but has spent the last two primarily doing charitable work through cosplay. She focuses on cosplaying strong female characters from her favorite comics, movies, TV shows, and video games.

16665806_1723100954666879_4831814826916886264_o.jpg  16665066_1723103171333324_1109728395110052993_o.jpg


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