LACE is Excited to Welcome Author Dakota Caldwell!!

LACE is excited to welcome author Dakota Caldwell to the show.

My name is Dakota Caldwell, though I prefer to go by the name “DC.” At the moment, I am a college student at Kansas State University, studying Mechanical Engineering. Realistically, I spend very little of my time actually doing schoolwork. I’m part of the Navigators, an on-campus ministry, in which I serve as a Bible Study leader. I also do sound tech at a local church, take theology courses through a different local church, and am involved in planing my wedding. Oh, and I write.

I’ve been writing for literally as long as I can remember. In fact, I have several stories that are in my Dad’s handwriting because I wasn’t old enough to write yet. I started aggressively pursuing publication my senior year of high school, and finished my first full-length manuscript that year. Since then, I have completed four more manuscripts, all of which have had equal success getting published. As frustrating as it can get sometimes, I’ve learned a ton from the process, and am far from giving up.



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