LACE is Excited to Welcome CJ Marsh to Artist Alley!

We are excited to welcome our friend Artwork of Cj Marsh to LACE’s 2017 Artist Alley.

My name is Cj Allan Marsh, I was born in 1990 of July 6th. I was born in Wichita Kansas. Art has always been a large part of my life,and have always wanted to peruse a career in it. I mainly do fantasy/sci fi types of art, I am branching out to do everything and I love to paint/draw everything. My specialty is characters, I hope to one day reach the level of some of the greats that have preceded me.


16177482_1712216315755343_1193991981804600714_o.jpg  16143583_1712216382422003_4359031567229771215_o.jpg  16174597_1712216369088671_6376087082367665246_n.jpg


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