LACE is Excited to Welcome Guest WereCorgi Cosplay

LACE is excited to welcome Heidi of WereCorgi Cosplay to the show this year!

WereCorgi Cosplay, otherwise known as Heidi May, is a Kansas City based cosplayer who has been costuming off and on since 2012. However, she was truly dragged into the scene and bitten by the bug only recently. Kept out of the circuit for about 2 years due to a rather long battle with Crohn’s Disease – she’s eager to hit the con floor again. As a member of the 501st and Rebel Legion, Heidi is a big fan of giving back and bringing joy to those around her, especially to children. As she likes to put it, she may be small, but packs a whole variety of punches.


16473546_1719521981691443_7093679296167592999_n.jpg  16473430_1719522081691433_2513323160828746484_n.jpg  16402865_1719522045024770_6935156172427421302_o.jpg

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