LACE is Excited to Welcome vendor Amanda Lynn Chainmaille!!

Next up on our amazing vendor list is Amanda Lynn Chainmaille! They have all things nerdy and love visiting the MHK! You may have caught them at the PX on post or last year at the Discovery Center.

Amanda Lynn Chainmaille is pleased to offer a wide variety of customizable and unique handmade items. They specialize in both traditional and modern chainmaille jewelry, accessories and ties, pouches (dice bags), scalemaille armor, tops and other costuming items. They also have their upcycled comic book dog tags, coasters and plaques; popular minifigure character necklaces and great comic books, too! They call their business “a full-service emporium of geeky awesomeness”.


16143481_1711501272493514_4871986346041160236_o.jpg  16113263_1711501329160175_7563085344135738131_o.jpg


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