LACE Welcomes Artist Guest Brent Peeples!!

We here at LACE are huge Valiant fans. So… we are excited to announce one of our absolute favorite Valiant cover artists and all around Hip Cat, Brent Peeples!

Brent Peeples has been working in comics since 2010. Brent is currently working for DC. He is an artist for Batman in the New York Time’s Best selling book Love is Love. He has other DC projects that are to be announced soon. Brent is also a cover artist for Valiant comics. He has worked for many other companies such as Aftershock, Dynamite, IDW, Archie and Boom.


16473800_1718679031775738_33331678183575944_n.jpg  16299438_1718675908442717_7859542600228146652_n.jpg

16486979_1718677548442553_4472158932611219691_o.jpg  16402903_1718677591775882_5258827861648020513_o.jpg

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