LACE Welcomes Dysfunctio House to Artist Alley!

We are excited to welcome to our artist alley Dysfunctio House: Art and Comics by Bill Hook!!

Bill Hook is an independent comic creator, writer, illustrator, and publisher. He’s been working professionally as an illustrator and graphic designer for over 20 years. In 2005 Bill started self-publishing comics and in 2012 he started co-publishing the alternative horror Anthology called 86’d. He is a die hard fan of classic horror and specifically Universal Monsters. In recent years he has been producing a series of Universal Monster prints along with other works under his Dysfunctio House imprint. He has several new projects lined up for this year including the fourth volume of 86’d.



16174619_1715603552083286_4305364500854927809_n.png  16299996_1715603555416619_2130742964536026334_o.jpg  16300332_1715603538749954_6782910310331528580_o.jpg

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