LACE Welcomes Illustrator Robby Wilson to Artist Alley!!

LACE welcomes illustrator Robby Wilson to artist alley!!

Robby is a freelance illustrator/comic artist and writer from Kansas City MO.He is the creator and artist of his self published indie comic Dirty Hare, and currently working on other projects to be published and released in late 2017.

Robby started his comic and cartoon drawing at a young age and was excepted into the academy of fine arts where he created a couple pieces that would later be displayed at the Nelson Atkins art museum in the mid 90’s. At the same time co-creating a comedic comic “fuzzy the bear” with his schoolmate that lasted three years.

After leaving school he managed to work on 3 indie comics/manga as a penciler and co-writer in the late 90’s era before taking a break to focus on family and school. 

Now he is back in the comic game doing his own comics and cover art.






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