LACE is excited to welcome Broken Arm Academy of Swordsmanship

LACE is excited to welcome Broken Arm Academy of Swordsmanship! You will find them displaying their armor and teaching on the ground level in the court yard of the Union.

The Broken Arm Academy of Swordsmanship was founded in early 2015 by Robert Trigueros as a means to promote the study and practice of Chivalric martial arts in the greater Manhattan region. Focusing primarily on the teachings of Fiore dei Liberi, a master of arms from the turn of the 15th century, the Academy specializes in a synergistic style encorporating the use of grappling, dagger, long sword, spear and poleaxe both in and out of armor. 

The Academy places particular emphasis on the historical accuracy of technique and equipment, in order to preserve the spirit of this fine martial tradition. As such, we build much of our own equipment, including our suits of plate armor, to historical specifications with modern allowances made for safety. Our Academy, though small, possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in this regard.


received_10208397064747719.jpeg  received_10208397067467787.jpeg  13103319_10154204855583836_7646155700842185211_n.jpg


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