LACE Welcomes Ginger Pixies Cosplay & Photography!

LACE is excited to welcome Ginger Pixies Cosplay and Photography!!

Bina and LizBeth are two sisters who cosplay together in the name of positivity. With their motto “You’re beautiful and you can cosplay anything” they cosplay whatever they please refusing to be withheld by body type, height, or gender. Bina and LizBeth have been cosplaying for years but in 2015 made their move towards a public cosplay endeavor. This will be their second appearance at LACE since LizBeth joined this last year. LizBeth is a college student, majoring in Visual Communications with a secondary in photography. In addition to her cosplay, she is the photography part of Ginger Pixies Cosplay and Photography. Bina is a model with fifteen years of various acting experience and a mother of four. Both women are greatly looking forward to this years cosplay season!

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