LACE Welcomes Author C Robert Jones!

Author C. Robert Jones will be joining LACE for his first appearance in the MHK.

Author C. Robert Jones presents:
Ash to Ashes: Chronicles of Chalisaria: Volume One

Dragon weddings, half-elf sorcerers, evil mage hunters—all these are pretty normal for Ashton Firebrand…who, by the way, is the adopted son of a dragon.

Ashton can breathe fire, conjure wings, and see in the dark, but he can’t prevent the kidnapping of a magical barmaid named Abigail. Now, Ashton and a ragtag team of magic users must mount a daring rescue before Abigail’s power is exploited by the vile aurators, or mage hunters. It won’t be easy, however; along the way, Ashton faces poisonous crossbow bolts, a golem, a talking teddy bear, and various dangers—some more threatening than others.

Ash to Ashes is full of impossible feats and magical intrigue—a little too full, if you ask Ashton; he’d rather return to his dragon family on Dragon Isle, where he can live a normal life.

About the Author:
First time self-publishing author and humorist C. Robert Jones is debuting his first novel Ash to Ashes, Chronicles of Chalisaria Volume 1 available now on and in the Amazon Kindle app store.

C. Robert Jones is a graduate of Doane University in Crete, NE. He graduated in 2002 with a BA in Psychology with an emphasis in mental health.

Fifteen years later he has abandoned any hope of mental health and chosen to make use of all of the fantastical ideas and stories banging around in his head.

C. Robert Jones is a classic geek, and when he isn’t pounding on the keyboard trying to get his next story done, he can usually be found playing online games, watching comic book movies and shows, playing tabletop roleplaying games, and telling his cats to stop slamming the cabinet doors.

You can follow the publishing adventures of C. Robert Jones on his blog at


LACE Welcome Back Vendor Eclectic! 

LACE is excited to welcome back vendor Eclectic!

They sell a variety of handmade craft items including wooden covered journals, Steampunk pendants, Chainmail jewelry, and assorted sundries. They are always adding new stuff to their inventory! Check out their Facebook page for latest information.

LACE Welcomes Greg Smallwood!

Closing out Smallville with a BIG announcement! He’s handsome, he’s talented, and he’s an all-around super nice guy… Give a Wildcat Welcome to Greg Smallwood! Greg was at our inaugural show and we are so happy he could make it back to the MHK!

Greg Smallwood is a comic book artist who made his debut in 2013 with the critically-acclaimed series, Dream Thief, a supernatural noir he co-created with Bram Stoker award winner Jai Nitz. From 2013 to 2017, he was the main artist on Marvel’s Moon Knight, for which he won an Eisner in 2015. He is currently working on an unannounced Marvel project, set to debut in 2018.

LACE Welcomes Artist Baldemar Rivas!

LACE is incredibly excited to welcome back to the show Baldemar Rivas! Baldemar was a huge hit at our Spring show and we are incredibly happy he has decided to make it back to MHK. Let’s show him a Wildcat Welcome and stay tuned for another BIG announcement coming later today…

Baldemar is an illustrator from California, born and raised, drawing in my room is where i spend most of my days. He is currently freelancing with the Kansas City Star. His style varies from project to project but what they all have in common is dynamic energy. He carries a sketchbook wherever he goes, ready for the next adventure.

LACE Welcomes Middle School Geek!

LACE is excited to welcome back vendor Middle School Geek!

Tom and Erin, from the Middle School Geek, will be bring a nice collection of golden age through modern comics. They will also have a nice variety of string art and other crafts perfect for anyone with an inner middle school geek inside them!