LACE Welcomes Vendor The Costume Wrangler’s Closet!

We are gearing up for an awesome September 23rd show! We have lots of guests and vendors to announce and thought we would start with one of our vendors! The Costume Wrangler’s Closet will be joining us with some amazing handmade wares.

From the Costume Wrangler herself –

Hey, people! My name’s Ellie and I’m the Costume Wrangler. I specialize in handmade geek chic accessories like bags, wallets, zipper pouches, key chains, headbands, and other cool accessories. Recently, I’ve added embroidered accessories and unique plushies to my shop. I even design many of my own fabrics. Plus, I’ve really gotten into creating one-of-a-kind pieces by upcycling fandom themed t-shirts. I create custom work too (including cosplay), so there’s always something for everybody in The Costume Wrangler’s Closet!


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