LACE Welcomes Vendor Steampunk Goddess Boutique!

LACE welcomes new vendor Steampunk Goddess Boutique!

A little about me and my business…
I have been making jewelry and accessories for almost 10 years now. I started out making simple beaded jewelry and it grew from there. I’ve always had a great eye for detail and take pride in my work, lots of love and hard work makes beautiful things! I truly love making steampunk type jewelry, all the creativity and love that goes into making each piece unique and one of a kind is something I just can’t get enough of! I try to make sure that all my items are high quality, and uniquely designed like a piece of wearable artwork. You’ll find lots of treasures that are sure to make heads turn or pique people’s interest and have them striking up a conversation about it. Come celebrate your love for eras that have long since gone with awesome handmade, one of a kind, Steampunk, Victorian, Renaissance, Vintage, Up-cycled, Statement pieces that you’ll be sure to love!!!

Products I make and sell:
Bracelets, Chokers, Earrings, Womens and Mens Necklaces, Rings, Cuff-links, Tie-Bar Clips, Tie Pins, Brooches, Lapel Pins, Wrist Cuffs, Bobby Pins, Hair Clips, Barrettes, Hair Combs, Headbands, Fascinator Mini Clip-on Hats, and some Cell Phone Covers.

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