LACE Welcomes WCPE!

LACE is excited to welcome back the not so Worst Comic Podcast EVER to the MHK!
Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER! (WCPE!) is a new entry into the world of comic book podcasts. While we’re new to podcasting, we are life-long friends as well as comic book readers. As kids, we would race down to the local convenience store on Monday afternoons to see what new comics had been added to the spinner rack. A good week was convincing one of our parents to drive us to an honest-to-goodness comic book shop. Between us, we read and collected a lot of books over the years. Over the years, the love of comics remains true, even if we have new reading and collecting habits. But the highlight for all of us is getting together and just talking about comics. Hence the podcast! Sure, we want to put out something good, but let’s be honest – we’re not professional podcasters. So bear with us as we do our best each week to have fun and talk comics.

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