LACE Welcomes Author Susanne Lambdin!

LACE is excited to welcome back author Susanne Lambdin!

Susanne L. Lambdin is the author of the Dead Hearts Novels and The Realm of Magic trilogy (Chris Kennedy, Theogony Publishing). She has been on Watermarks Book Best Seller list twice.

A “trekkie” at heart, she received a “based in part” screen credit for writing a portion of Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 4, Episode 76, titled Family. She is passionate about all things science fiction, horror, and high fantasy, and is an expert on the subject of zombies. She is affectionately known by many of her fans as “The Zombie Lady.”

When she is not attending fan conventions throughout the United States, Susanne can usually be found cuddling up with her dogs and a scary movie.

To contact Susanne and to learn more about her current and upcoming projects, visit


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