LACE Welcomes Simply Kitts Illustrations!

LACE is excited to welcome Simply Kitts Illustrations back to Manhattan.

Kansas City-based illustrator, Kitt Van Hassel, created Simply Kitts Illustrations as an outlet for her whimsical imagery, in hopes of bringing smiles to the faces of others. The goal is to create those warm and fuzzy, feel good yet often overlooked feelings, and she’ll get you there with her bright colors and cute critters. From playful gnomes and daisy-chained possums to Star Wars Elephants and bejeweled nifflers, Simply Kitts has something a little bit different to brighten any day. Last year saw a second run of her self-published title “The Medieval Gnomes Coloring Book”, as well as a whole series of comic book teddy bear prints, buttons and stickers. 2017 is gearing up to be even more eventful, so come by to see what’s next! Visit her website at, where you can track her down on any number of social media outlets. See you at LACE!


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