Cosplay Contest

Thank you for all your support! LACE 2019 info will be posted soon.

Contest Rules –
– You must be in costume to register.
– No commercially mass-produced or rented costumes allowed.
– Cosplay rules must be followed, see below for more details.
– Please complete and submit the registration form to participate.

*Registration and participation in this contest grants Little Apple Comic Expo authorization to publish and use photographs and applicant information for promotional needs.*

Cosplay Rules

Please adhere to Manhattan & Kansas policies on weapons here!

Anyone is welcome to cosplay while attending Little Apple Comic Expo.

We love seeing your creativity in the genre of comic, science fiction, anime, fantasy, steampunk, gaming, movie and television or original creation costumes!

Please remember this is a family event and costuming as well as clothing in general, should be PG rated. Here are some general rules to follow for costuming at LACE:

  • No partial or full nudity. Body paint, pasties, and lingerie do not qualify as a costume. Fabric must appropriately cover critical areas without risk of a wardrobe malfunction. No gratuitous display of flesh is permitted.
  • No pyrotechnics, smoke, fog, fire, fireworks, explosions, concussions, etc.
  • No dripping or oozing of fluids, confetti, or glitter which could create an unsafe walking surface.
  • A handler is required with costumes which limit visibility, are oversized or equipped with large components or associated props. Please be mindful of people, exhibits, and merchandise around you. (Handlers are someone you trust to help guide you around the con)
  • Weapons and props will be inspected at the door each time they are admitted. Weapons are required to be replica or prop by design. No illegal or functioning weapons are permitted. Airsoft/paintball and similar weapons must be unloaded, not charged with air/gas, and rendered inoperable. Peace bonding will not be required provided you police yourself.
  • Little Apple Comic Expo staff reserve the right to deny entrance for inappropriate clothing / costumes.

General Cosplay Etiquette

Ask to take a photograph. Most cosplayers LOVE to have their photos taken, and will want your photograph to be the best, so they will want to do the appropriate pose based on their character. Please don’t sneak a photo while they are doing everyday things like eating, adjusting their costume, or in the restroom.

Be considerate. Don’t block doors, event aisles, or artist/vendor booths and don’t interfere with events/activities. There are other fans who want to interact or get photographs. The cosplayer also wants to enjoy their event experience as well.

Don’t touch. Cosplay is a huge investment in time and money. Most cosplays are hand crafted and take large amounts of time to craft. These things also cost a lot of money to make.

Be respectful. Cosplay is not consent. Be polite, accept the responses you are given; and treat those in costume the same as you would any stranger on the street. Respect personal boundaries. Do not permit others to harass a cosplayer. Report inappropriate behavior to Little Apple Comic Expo staff.