LACE Welcomes Author Nicholas Forristal!

LACE is excited to welcome KSU alum Nicholas Forristal!
Born in the 80s during the age of Oregon Trail, Nicholas remembers the days before the internet, when the world was young and herds of dial-up BBS roamed the digital landscape in peace. Nicholas went on to college at Kansas State University and studied psychology. It was here, at the pinnacle of his lowly existence, that he met his future wife. After that, life became dull and work-centric, as adulthood typically does. So now he writes to fight back the madness, while his son plays with imaginary friends.
Twitter: @NForristal
Instagram: @nickforristal

LACE Welcomes the Manhattan Public Library!

LACE is excited to welcome the Manhattan Public Library to our show. They will have a booth to share activities and books from our amazing local library. They will also be hosting at panel at 1pm.

“What Would the Hulk Read?” – What would the Hulk read in his free time? And what about Bruce Banner? Or Luke Skywalker, or Kylo Ren? Staff from the Manhattan Public Library will be recommending books to characters based on their personalities and interests. We’ll be covering fandoms from Supernatural to Studio Ghibli, and we’ll recommend dystopias, high fantasy, nonfiction, and more! Be prepared to ask us for book recommendations for your own favorite characters.


Official Map!!

We are excited to share the official map for LACE 2018! We can’t wait to see you all there!


LACE 2018 Map

Booth # Name Type
1 Paleo Comics Corner
2 Lone Rebel Graphics Single
3 The Burrow Single
4 B Clay Moore Single
5 Jeremy Haun Single
6 Andy Kuhn Single
7 Ande Parks Single
8 Megan Levens Single
9 The Dorky Geek Corner
10 Hookt on Toys Single
11 Hookt on Toys Single
12 Sisters Of Sound Records Single
13 Retro Jason24 Video Game Perlers Single
14 B & G Iconic Memorabilia Single
15 KC Fancon Comix Single
16 C. Robert Jones – Author Single
17 Erica Batton Single
18 Lynn Main – Author Single
19 Seth Groves Single
20 OK Comics Corner
21 David Lilagren Croner
22 Nicholas Forristal – Author Corner
23 Amanda Lynn Chainmaille Single
24 William Schlichter – Author Single
25 Amanda Lynn Chainmaille Corner
26 Dakota Caldwell – Author Single
27 Gamer’s Heaven Stage
28 Gamer’s Heaven Stage
29 Gamer’s Heaven Stage
30 Aunt Nancy’s Face Art Corner
31 BK Crochet Single
32 Candice Dailey Single
33 Eclectic Single
34 Manhattan Public Library Single
35 Bill & Blake Bush – Author Single
36 That Army Guy Gaming Single
37 Vibratix Art Single
38 Jared Vaughn – Author Single
39 Bruce Brown / B & G Iconic Memorabilia Single
40 S’n S Collectibles Corner
41 8 Bit Nerd Art Single
42 Susanne Lambdin – Author/Kevin Hansen Corner
43 Middle School Geek Corner
44 Middle School Geek Single
45 Veronica’s Veil Single
46 Angel Edenburn / Jessica Benoist-Young – Authors Corner
47 Manhattan Broadcasting Single
48 Rockwood Comics Single
49 Rockwood Comics Single
50 Jonathan Ondrashek – Author Single
51 Irie Designs Single
52 Emily Bryan Crochet Single
53 WantZ Single
54 Red Wagon Comics Single
55 Red Wagon Comics Single


Booth # Name
C1 Another Castle
C2 Smallville
C3 Air Cap
C4 April Gloria
C5 OhMySophii
C6 Legendary Rose
C8 Red Pill Props


LACE Welcomes Dakota Caldwell!

LACE is excited to welcome author Dakota Caldwell.
My name is Dakota Caldwell, though I prefer to go by the name “DC.” At the moment, I am a college student at Kansas State University, studying Mechanical Engineering. Realistically, I spend very little of my time actually doing schoolwork. I’m part of the Navigators, an on-campus ministry, in which I serve as a Bible Study leader. I also do sound tech at a local church, take theology courses through a different local church, and am involved in planing my wedding. Oh, and I write.
I’ve been writing for literally as long as I can remember. In fact, I have several stories that are in my Dad’s handwriting because I wasn’t old enough to write yet. I started aggressively pursuing publication my senior year of high school, and finished my first full-length manuscript that year. Since then, I have completed four more manuscripts, all of which have had equal success getting published. As frustrating as it can get sometimes, I’ve learned a ton from the process, and am far from giving up.

LACE Welcomes Author Jessica Benoist-Young!

LACE is excited to welcome to our show for the first time author Jessica Benoist-Young!

Jessica Benoist-Young is a self-published author and freelance ghostwriter. She self-published the mystery comedy novel ‘Strip Search’ in 2015. The novel has found acclaim with readers for its witty characters and page-turning plot.

In 2017, she published ‘The Devil’s Triangle’, a humorous, supernatural cruise-ship romp that readers called ” hilarious, mysterious and wild”.

With her sister, Glee and Supergirl star, Melissa Benoist, Jessica is in the planning and proposal stages of a Young Adult Supernatural Fantasy novel they plan to write together. Jessica has also written over a dozen paranormal romance and fantasy romance novels over the last two years as a ghostwriter.

When not writing, Jessica loves dancing, board games, stand up comedy, and many activities of the outdoorsy variety–gardening, hiking, skiing–and her birdwatching in her backyard led to the creation of the ‘live tweet show’ Real Housebirds of Kansas, a satirical online chronicle of bird feeder drama.

She has been married for ten years and has two sons named after presidents. She knows entirely too much about coffee and movies, and would really like to own a pet snake someday.

@jrbyoung on Twitter
@jessicabenoistyoung on Instagram
Facebook –


LACE Welcomes Author Angel Edenburn!

LACE is excited to welcome author Angel Edenburn back!
A word from Angel –
“Hello all! I am a poet, writer, Gothic Fusion dancer, artistic type, and fur mom to my menagerie. I live near Manhattan, Kansas (the Little Apple) and my books are set here in my home state. My characters tend to be adults. Not models. Not teenagers. My characters just happen to be paranormal. So, welcome to my strange and wonderful world. Below are my links to my current books in print and available in eBook format. I write my adult stories under the name Angel Edenburn and my not-so-adult stories under the name Gena Mantz.”