LACE Welcomes Sponsor Hague Quality Water International!

LACE is excited to announce a new sponsor! Hague Quality Water International! They are hosting a Xbox One S drawing right at our ticket booth. Make sure you enter!
Hague Quality Water is a nationwide water filtration company that was founded by William Hague in Columbus, Ohio over 50 years ago. More information about how our company was founded is available at: (
Our local branch has been in business for over 20 years. Currently our company is doing a contest where we are giving away some awesome prizes such as an Apple Watch, an Xbox One, a Playstation 4, a Wii, and many other prizes, such as an ATV over Christmas Holiday, and others, such as May day, Independence Day, Labor Day etc! If you feel that it would be more beneficial for your business And your customers, we also do drawings for GIFT CARDS!

Official Map!!

We are excited to share the official map for LACE 2018! We can’t wait to see you all there!


LACE 2018 Map

Booth # Name Type
1 Paleo Comics Corner
2 Lone Rebel Graphics Single
3 The Burrow Single
4 B Clay Moore Single
5 Jeremy Haun Single
6 Andy Kuhn Single
7 Ande Parks Single
8 Megan Levens Single
9 The Dorky Geek Corner
10 Hookt on Toys Single
11 Hookt on Toys Single
12 Sisters Of Sound Records Single
13 Retro Jason24 Video Game Perlers Single
14 B & G Iconic Memorabilia Single
15 KC Fancon Comix Single
16 C. Robert Jones – Author Single
17 Erica Batton Single
18 Lynn Main – Author Single
19 Seth Groves Single
20 OK Comics Corner
21 David Lilagren Croner
22 Nicholas Forristal – Author Corner
23 Amanda Lynn Chainmaille Single
24 William Schlichter – Author Single
25 Amanda Lynn Chainmaille Corner
26 Dakota Caldwell – Author Single
27 Gamer’s Heaven Stage
28 Gamer’s Heaven Stage
29 Gamer’s Heaven Stage
30 Aunt Nancy’s Face Art Corner
31 BK Crochet Single
32 Candice Dailey Single
33 Eclectic Single
34 Manhattan Public Library Single
35 Bill & Blake Bush – Author Single
36 That Army Guy Gaming Single
37 Vibratix Art Single
38 Jared Vaughn – Author Single
39 Bruce Brown / B & G Iconic Memorabilia Single
40 S’n S Collectibles Corner
41 8 Bit Nerd Art Single
42 Susanne Lambdin – Author/Kevin Hansen Corner
43 Middle School Geek Corner
44 Middle School Geek Single
45 Veronica’s Veil Single
46 Angel Edenburn / Jessica Benoist-Young – Authors Corner
47 Manhattan Broadcasting Single
48 Rockwood Comics Single
49 Rockwood Comics Single
50 Jonathan Ondrashek – Author Single
51 Irie Designs Single
52 Emily Bryan Crochet Single
53 WantZ Single
54 Red Wagon Comics Single
55 Red Wagon Comics Single


Booth # Name
C1 Another Castle
C2 Smallville
C3 Air Cap
C4 April Gloria
C5 OhMySophii
C6 Legendary Rose
C8 Red Pill Props


LACE Welcomes the Tasty Traveler as a Sponsor!

LACE is excited to welcome food truck sponsor Tasty Traveler to our show! Thank you for joining us!

The Tasty Traveler Food Truck, serving Manhattan and the greater Flint Hills region, offers a variety of new lunch options to area businesses and community events. Its mix of internationally inspired “grab and go” menu items was developed with the local Manhattan foodie in mind by owner Katie VanVleet. Katie grew up in the Manhattan area and is a K-State graduate. Katie also attended Culinary School at the Art Institute of Kansas City.

Twitter – @TastyTravelerKs

Cover Photo.jpg

Shrimp Po Boy $7 – deep fried shrimp topped with lettuce, tomato, & homemade remoulade sauce served on a toasted hoagie bun

Philly CheeseSteak $7– thinly sliced steak cooked in au jus with red & green peppers & onions, topped with provolone cheese served on a toasted hoagie bun

Reuben Nachos $6– thinly sliced corned beef, sauerkraut, & provolone cheese served over housemade chips and topped with Thousand Island dressing

German Bieroch $6– hamburger, cabbage & sauerkraut baked in a dough pastry & served with homemade horseradish mayo

Mexican Fajitas $6– two softshells filled with grilled fajita chicken & red & green peppers & onions topped with cheddar cheese, sour cream & salsa

Buffalo Chicken Wrap $6– grilled chicken, buffalo sauce, cheddar cheese, lettuce & blue cheese wrapped in a softshell & served with celery sticks

Fried Pickles $3– deep fried pickles (shaped like fries) served with jalapeno ranch or ranch

Cheesy Hashpuppies $3– deep fried potatoes/cheese balls served w/jalapeno ranch or ranch

Housemade Chips $2– deep fried potato chips with seasoning

Brownie Bites $3– deep fried brownie bites topped with powdered sugar

Drinks $1– Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mt Dew, Water

*Looking for a healthy option? Most Entrees can be made into a salad upon request*


Thank You IBOTSKS for Sponsoring LACE!

Thank you IBOTSKS for sponsoring LACE! We love our community support for our show!

Here’s a little about IBOTSKS –
We are IBOT –Iron Brothers of Topeka or IBOT for short. We are three brothers who bring fantasy to reality with our large wearable sculptures. Although we have full time jobs, children and family lives, we find time to imagine, build, and share our creations. Chris, the perfectionist and youngest brother, came up through the ranks of the 501st Legion, a world-wide Star Wars costuming organization. Mike, the mechanic and middle brother, always dreamed about having a fully functioning Iron Man suit. Neal, the adventurer and oldest brother, came about through the SCA or the Society of Creative Anachronism, a medieval fighting and arts group.

We have formal education in art, drafting, computer graphic design, mechanics, and business. However, what started out as individual efforts has now escalated into a collaborative effort that includes three generations of our family from our eighty some year old parents, our significant others and our children. Other families have picnics in the park, we have building parties and go to comic conventions. The family that cosplays together has more fun!

Website –
Instagram – @ibotks
Twitter – @IBOTks


LACE Welcome Sponsors Manhattan Military Relations Committee!

LACE is excited to welcome sponsors Manhattan Military Relations Committee!
The Manhattan Military Relation Committee (MRC) is a program of the Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce. The MRC is a loose affiliation of Manhattan locals and Fort Riley soldiers and spouses interested in the military. The MRC is made up of everyone from bank presidents to school bus drivers; from the most senior of personnel on Fort Riley to enlisted. Anyone with an interest in the military and military themed subject matter is invited to attend.
Facebook –
Website –
MRC logo 14.jpg